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Icons, banners and layout requests, all taken within 12 hours.

JennEm Icons Corporation LTD.
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Welcome! This is a community created and maintained by emmzies (Emily) and hockey_girl (Jenny). Hence the name: JennEm. Ignore the "corporation LTD" part, we were just trying to make it sound fancy!

We're both are skilled icon-making, so we made this community for people who want to share their icons, and request icons made by us! Don't worry about your icons being "not good enough". There's no such a thing. Feel free to join and post whatever icons you like!
Banners and layouts (to a certain degree of difficulty) can also be requested and posted in this community!
We can also try to attempt to make tutorials on certain tips and tricks we use in the programs we make our various graphics in!

Rules will be made up along the way, but we do ask this:

-If you want to take somebody's icon, please comment and credit. You can credit in your keywords or on your info page, or however the maker of the icon wants it. Commenting and crediting are the two main ways we are able to know where our icons are being used!

-All icon themes are welcome, EXCEPT FOR anything that one could find offensive. Please no icons with a racist, violent, vulgar or sexual content. We want the community to be open and enjoyable for EVERYBODY, so please respect others.

-If you want to post more than 3 icons at the same time, please use a cut.

-You cannot make more than 3 requests unless you do something for the comm, like make us a new layout or promotion banner or something of the sort. It doesn't matter whether your requests are fulfilled or not; we cannot take responsibility for that. 3 is your limit.

So... enjoy the icons, and enjoy yourself!